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We are the responsible body for regulating Skill Development and Vocational Education in the Maldives.


A Growing Portfolio of Partners

We are continuously partnering up with the best in the Industry to provide a Quality Training and a smooth transition to the Working Force of the Maldives.


Be a part of the largest Apprenticeship Program in the Maldives

National Apprenticeship

An initiative by the Government of the Maldives to create a skilled workforce who is ready to enter into the world of Employment. Now open for Applications!

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National Employment Sector Councils

The building blocks of the National Technical and Vocational Education and Training System of the Maldives.

Social Sector Council

Social sector provides essential services to the community, services ranging from health, education, social services, environment, and community development.
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Transport Sector Council

Transport is one of the biggest challenges in the Maldives. Sea transport service is in demand in every atoll. Regular transport links around Maldives are hard to find.
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Fisheries and Agriculture Sector Council

Fisheries has been one of the oldest occupations of this country. Fisheries activities still account for a significant portion of local employment.
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Tourism Sector Council

Tourism is what the Maldives is known all over the world for. Most important sector in the Maldivian economy, making the largest contribution to the wealth of the nation.
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Construction Sector Council

In the response to the expansion in the tourism industry and increased demand for housing. The Construction Sector Council brings the government and private operators together to standardize the sector.
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Information, Communication and Technology Sector Council

The era of ICT continues to influence our lifestyles. There is shortage of ICT personnel in the country and this sector deals with different ICT roles needed for the development of the nation.
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Everything you need

Our Services

We at Maldives National Skills Development Authority, provide the following services as part of our mandate.

Program Registration
Now you can conduct courses under our National Competency Standards at your Institution as a Registered Training Provider.
Trade Testing
If you possess all the competencies of our National Competency Standard, you can take our Trade Testing Program to get certified!
National Certificate
For every trainee who attains all the competencies declared in National Competency Standard, he/she is eligible for a National Certificate which is widely accepted throughout the Maldives.
Standard Development
In order to implement a quality TVET System in the Maldives, one of our main tasks is to develop Standards with the help of Employment Sector Council and Technical Panels.
National Apprenticeship Program
The National Apprenticeship Program is designed to facilitate youths around the country to participate and learn a skill from the experienced supervisors stationed at the actual work environments where the trainees will be placed during the course of the training program.
Capacity Building
We also offer Capacity Building Programs to level up your everyday skills.