Fisheries and Agriculture Sector

In the history of work in the Maldives, fishing has been one of the oldest occupations of this country. Fisheries activities still account for a significant portion of local employment. The majority of fishery workers live in the Atolls. In addition to fishers, others are involved in fish processing activities. This includes:Preserving fish by freezing, Preserving fish by canning, Preparing Chilled, Fresh and Salted dried fish for the export markets.

Fisheries and Agriculture in Maldives

Fish exports were $69.1 million in 2003 which was an increase of 41% from 2002. Maldives is looking at further development of its fisheries sector, to increase exports and value added production. To support these developments larger sized boats and new technologies to improve fish preservation and storage are being explored.

The Maldives is divided into four fishing zones running north to south. Two of these zones are controlled by the Maldives Industries Fisheries Company (MIFCO). The other two zones were privatized. Within each privatized zone, two zone operators are licensed to collect, process and export tuna. The private companies have initially tended to concentrate on frozen fish exports, but intend to expand into more processed exports. Value-added facilities are now under development in both MIFCO and privatized zones to expand freezing, canning, drying and other processing capabilities.

Agriculture in the Maldives is not an easy area of work given the climate and soil conditions. However there are Maldivian agriculturists who are exceptionally successful.

The main crops in the Maldives are coconuts. Vegetables such as chillies (pungent bell varieties), cucurbits, citrus, and other tropical fruits and vegetables are also grown. The agriculture has been experiencing very slow growth and development.

National Competency Standards from Fisheries and Agriculture Sector

Take a look at the currently published Standards in Fisheries and Agriculture Sector

  • National Certificate III in Sportfishing Guiding

    Last Updated at: 2021-07-14

    Level 3 (.PDF)

  • National Certificate III and IV in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Mechanic

    Last Updated at: 2021-07-03

    Level 3 & 4 (.PDF)

  • National Certificate III and IV in Gardening

    Last Updated at: 2021-07-04

    Level 3 & 4 (.PDF)

  • National Certificate I, II and III in Fish Processing and Quality Control

    Last Updated at: 2021-07-03

    Level 1,2,3 & 4 (.PDF)

  • National Certificate III in Agriculture

    Last Updated at: 2021-07-03

    Level 3 (.PDF)

Registered Training Providers in Fisheries and Agriculture Sector

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