Registered Training Providers

Registered Training Organizations (RTO's) or Training Providers are licensed institutions, which can conducts courses under the National Competency Standard that has been developed by Maldives National Skills Development Authority.

Registered Trianing Organizations


Take a look at the Features of our Registered Training Organizations!

National Certificate
Every Student who has graduated from one of our Registered Training Organizations, are eligible for a National Certificate, provided that the Student has passed in all of the competencies. National Certificate is accepted widely around the Maldives.
Quality Training
Quality of Training provided by one of our Registered Training Organizations is guaranteed by the means of Internal and External Moderation and Verification.
External Moderation & Verification
Our examinations are designed in such a way that an external body is present during all the examinations for verification purposes.

Training Types

For our Nation to effectively meet the Nation’s demands, we need to train our youths with hard Technical and Vocational Skills that the country lacks.

Institution Based Training

Institution Based Training (IBT) Programs are designed to develop and strengthen your technical skills, apply new competencies in the workplace to increase job satisfaction and confidence, as well as improve your overall employability and entrepreneurial skills.

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Employee Based Training

Employee Based Training (EBT) Programs are designed to increase the technical skills, knowledge, efficiency, and value creation to do any specific job in a much better way, while on the job.

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School Based Training

School Based Training (SBT) Programs are designed so that the students develop and strengthen their technical skills, through “Heyvallaa” Program at all the Schools. We hope at the end of the Academic Adventure, they are also equipped with required Technical Skills.

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