National Apprenticeship Program

Find out what our National Apprenticeship Program is and what are the available opportunities!

What is the National Apprenticeship Program?

National Apprenticeship Program is an initiative by the Government of the Maldives for Training a generation of Practitioners of a Trade or Occupation with on-the-job Training with the help and supervision of the Industry/Occupation Leaders in the Maldives. At the end of the Apprenticeship Program the Apprentice will receive a National Certificate in that trade which is widely accepted around the Maldives from Maldives National Skills Development Authority.

Apprenticeship Program in Short

Months of Training
Incentive/ Month
awarded at the end of the Apprenticeship Program
*National Certificate 3 is equivalent to MNQF Level 3
National Certificate*

National Apprenticeship Program


Take a look at the Main Objectives of running a National Apprenticeship Program.

Establish a link between Training and Employment
Ensure Employer establish Competency Based Training
Create a pool of Trained Employees to the industry with National Qualification
Ensure Young People and others have access to Career Information for Long Term Career Development

National Apprenticeship Program


Maldivian Citizen

18+ Years of Age

Completion of Basic Education (Grade 7)*

*As per requirements set by the Maldives Qualification Authority per Maldives National Qualification Framework v2.2 (January 2017)

Current Openings

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