Guide to conduct Competency Based Training Programs

Program Registration

To be a TVET training provider, each and every training provider should be registered under MNSDA. To register the programs available in MNSDA, the following documents are required to be submitted with filled application form via email (

Documents Required for Registration

To register, the following documents are required to be submitted with filled application form.

  • Completed program registration application form by the Training Provider

  • Copy of the registration certificate of the establishment in a government agency.

  • Curriculum vitae of the program coordinator

  • Curriculum vitae of the trainers / lecturers

  • Training Delivery Plan

Other Requirements:

As per the new procedures effective from 1 September 2018, competency-based training providers are required to register the training programs at MNSDA and seek the permission prior to commence trainings.

Application to register Institutional Based Training programs will be accepted from:

Institutions that are registered as training providers at the Department of Higher Education

Application to register Employer-Based Training programs will be accepted from:

Public and private organizations with sufficient facilities to provide competency-based trainings by providing actual work environments.

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